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The BIG 3 Challenges
Faced by Christian Fundraisers

Take ONE MINUTE to answer this ONE QUESTION poll.


What are the 3 biggest challenges faced by Christian fundraisers?

Last year, we conducted an open-ended survey of faith-based fundraisers to hear about your obstacles to success. We heard from so many of you with deep, strategic thinking. With those thoughts in mind, plus latest observations over the past 12 months, now it is time to select the new BIGGEST THREE challenges of the moment. These 3 challenges will become important themes at Faith & Fundraising: Myrtle Beach 2023.


At the conference, we will have innovation rooms where we will have brainstorms, discussions, and experience-sharing. We will compile best practices and ideas to test. We will wrestle with these issues TOGETHER and come out of the conference better prepared and better supported.


So what are the 3 biggest challenges? Vote now to make your voice heard. Share the poll widely. We want to hear from you.


Voting is open through Tuesday, February 14.

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