Pre-Conference Master Classes

12:00-4:00 p.m. - Tuesday, February 22

Not included with registration - additional fee required

Master classes are an additional educational opportunity, taking place before the F&F opening. They are intensive sessions that cost $149 (including lunch), but are available for only $99 for a limited time. You can select one when registering for the conference.


If you have already registered, but would like to add a master class, please sign up here and use the code F&F2022 (case sensitive) to get the $99 rate. If you wish to attend only a master class, but not the rest of the conference, you may register here for $149. 

Sessions are concurrent. You will be able to select one when registering.

Leading Through Change

Gary Hubbell

You lead from wherever you are. Margaret Wheatley says a leader is anyone who shows up with intention. Kevin Cashman defines leadership as authentic influence that creates value.

Now, perhaps more than any prior time in your life, the world is calling you to show up in a different way. You may feel like your environment is demanding better solutions from you … faster, and more effective than ever before? You may not always be sure you’ve got the answers? You’ve also got considerable experience and are probably unlikely to sit through some “how to” lecture (you can get that on the webinar du jour)? Perhaps your energy is being depleted and you may be feeling like you’re stuck ... trying to hide evidence of that from others?

What if this present era of volatility, uncertainty, and complexity is not some temporary phase to be endured but instead is the pattern of the next normal? What if the things you thought you knew about being a leader may turn out to be heavy baggage in this emerging world?

This master class is not about learning more tools and techniques. You’ll have plenty of attractive offerings throughout the conference. Rather, this class is a deep dive into your mindset as a leader.

You’ll be asked to draw upon your own inner leadership journey — from both personal and organizational contexts — to intentionally illuminate and explore new breakthrough pathways. You’ll leave with an even clearer sense of your authentic leadership value … and the impact to be made by unleashing the highest and best contribution you can make — an evolving conversation with reality and the future you most seek to evoke around you.

This deep exploration of the foundational elements of leadership success is intended to engage, inform, and inspire you to be a catalyst for change in your team, your organization, and in your communities of influence.

Together, we’ll explore powerful leadership possibilities by:

  1. Lifting your conscious awareness (choice) of what to see

  2. Awakening and reinforcing your inner voice (the true leader within)

  3. Knowing where and how to intervene positively in a human ecosystem

Gary Hubbell

Adaptation, Transformation & Growth Accelerator, G-Hub, Inc. (doing business as Gary Hubbell Consulting)

Gary Hubbell has served others for more than three decades. Across this span of time, he’s come to listen for the voice of his vocation. As his awareness grows, Gary routinely asks himself, what animates me? What fosters total alignment of my gifts and my desires; my contributions and the opportunities I seek; my intention and my attention? What is at the intersection of my inner gladness and world’s great needs? Gary strives to strengthen organizations for inevitable change and great impact. He’s animated by passions and energies of individuals and teams - both inside and outside organizations - who are trying to change the world. He’s energized by people who are on the cusp of big moves whether they’re conscious or not, helping others “see” in new ways, and illuminating blind spots on the path to great things for our shared world. These intentions have led to a career arc characterized by spotting and fanning the best of “what is” (employing appreciative inquiry and positive psychology); learning to tell a clear story (public relations); discerning interests and attitudes (opinion research); setting about on new directions (scenario thinking, planning, facilitation, organization change initiatives); catalyzing opportunity and unlocking joy (all aspects of philanthropy); and curating meaningful conversations (executive coaching and GHC Conversations).

Philanthropy & Fundraising North America: Great Fundraising Foundations

Kyla Shawyer and Tina Hudgins

Great Fundraising: Increase your income and unite your organization.

Philanthropy & Fundraising North America can help you to become a Great Fundraising organization – one where everyone is focused and energized on fundraising to achieve long-term sustainable growth.

What is Great Fundraising and who is it for?

Great Fundraising is a philosophy of income growth based on sustainability, mission based communications, and donor satisfaction. Its foundations are in academic research and its superstructure grows with learnings from an increasingly successful client base.


It is hard to achieve, but it works.


Attendees get financial results, achieve inspirational cultural change, and increase their ability to deliver their mission.


Sign up for this master class to make Great Fundraising a reality for your organization.

Kyla Shawyer

CEO & Co-Founder, Philanthropy & Fundraising North America

Kyla Shawyer has been leading transformational change in the global nonprofit sector for 15 years. She is currently working at the intersection of systems innovation and leadership in the social good space, serving as both CEO & Co-Founder of Philanthropy & Fundraising North America (PFNA), a nonprofit executive leadership program that builds nonprofit capacity for fundraising growth and innovation, and as an Innovation Leadership executive for DSIL Global, a social innovation company. Kyla has served in numerous executive positions in the global nonprofit sector including CEO for the Resource Alliance and IFC (International Fundraising Congress), a vibrant community of global nonprofit fundraisers and changemakers from across the social good ecosystem, and COO/SVP, Operation Smile, where she was responsible for programs, fundraising, and resource mobilization. Her extensive knowledge and work with INGOs and NGOs now bring her to projects across sectors engaging with organizations on the future of fundraising innovation and leadership for broader sector learning and development. She is passionate about inspiring new ways of leading and collaborating to break down silos and unlock the full potential of every person’s unique contributions to the greater team.

Tina Hudgins
Co-Founder & COO, Philanthropy & Fundraising North America

Tina Hudgins is Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer for Philanthropy & Fundraising North America. With more than 20 years of experience in the sector, Tina’s experience is as a Fundraising Director leading successful multichannel campaigns in marketing and development. Tina’s particular expertise lies in helping organizations to drive massive growth. In her previous role as the Senior Director of Fundraising at International Justice Mission (IJM), she grew the supporter sustainer program by more than 250 percen in four years. At the same time, she increased mid-value and mass giving programs by more than 200 percent. Tina is skilled in diverse development methods and techniques – be it direct marketing; mid-value and major giving; capital campaigns; events; social media; or digital – and supports teams in a range of ways to drive their fundraising growth. Tina is passionate about creating high-quality individual giving and sustainer programs, and developing supporter experiences. By seeking to create those WOW moments, Tina is committed to helping clients to achieve these moments, too.