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2024 Schedule​ Highlights

  • Sunday, February 25: Preconference Events - Affinity Group Meetings, Sandcastle Building, and Early Arrival Reception

  • Monday, February 26: ACF Board Meeting, Master Classes, Opening Worship, Keynote, Welcome Reception at Black Drum Brewing

  • Tuesday, February 27: Annual Meeting, Keynotes, and Breakout Sessions

  • Wednesday, February 28: Keynotes, Breakout Sessions, Reception, and Awards Banquet

  • Thursday, February 29: Closing with Panel and Innovation Room Presentation (with Graphic Recordings)

We're currently working on Faith & Fundraising: Myrtle Beach 2024. In the meantime, please review this site - 2023 details will give you a sneak preview of the type of content and events to expect this February.

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