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Curriculum Session 1

Friday, February 1 - 9:45-10:45 a.m.

Building a Sustainable Social Media Strategy

Jennifer Cario

These days everyone knows what social media marketing is, though few know how to put together a sustainable strategy. If your focus has been on building followers and posting content, you may be missing the boat entirely. Start from ground zero with a realistic look at what areas of your business can be impacted through social media and how to make use of your business goals to determine the best social media channels and tactics to employ. Join Jennifer Cario as she walks you through a step by step process designed to remove the guesswork while laying a foundation for a realistic and effective social media strategy in 2019.

Sustainable Fundraising

Karin Cox

Many nonprofits rely on an annual fund to cover their ongoing expenses. Yes, annual appeals are important — and this session will provide tips and strategies that are all about the annual fund — but it will also explore ways to diversify income streams, so the annual becomes more gravy than bread and butter funding. The challenge is to generate sustained funding to meet needs and fulfill the mission — not just to get by this year. You will learn new ideas to strengthen and sustain fundraising to meet your organization’s ongoing, evolving needs while retaining, growing, and diversifying your donor base. 

Road Map to Success: Five Phases of Development Travel

Andrew Robison

As development professionals, there are a million things on our to-do list every day and it can seem challenging to get to them all. Between the appeals, thank you letters, website updates and committee meetings, it never seems like there’s enough time in the day to do what really matters ... meeting donors and building relationships. So what are the steps to get you out of the office and maximize your time in front of donors? This session will focus on a five-phase process: planning your travel, planning your visits, preparing for your visits, on your visits, following your visits.

Leadership Transformational Change: Lessons From the Trenches

Heidi Droegemueller

A DAF’s Beauty is in the Eye of the Donor

Carlos Byrne

Donor Advised Funds or DAFs have become one of the most popular vehicles utilized for philanthropic giving. Why is this occurring, and how can you benefit from this mega-trend? We will explore these questions and more by reviewing current DAF rules of the road, examining the attraction of DAFs, and discussing creative ways DAFs are being utilized by donors. The focus will then shift to potential strategies for you and your organization to leverage DAFs and DAF donors. This portion of the presentation will be a forum where you are encouraged to share your experiences, ideas, questions, etc.

Love Your Donors — Making Stewardship Special and Spectacular!

Linda B. Haley

Do you find yourself too busy to recognize donors well? Out of creative ideas to provide exceptional thanks? Then join us for Love Your Donors! This seminar will provide focused stewardship concepts to use with individuals and groups. You’ll learn to build targeted stewardship plans for all donor segments, from major donors to board members to corporate supporters. We’ll also discuss recognition options for annual, capital, and endowment giving, plus ways to get your Board and other staff members involved in the gratitude process — it’s a great entrée to fundraising! Come ready to share YOUR best stewardship ideas and accomplishments, too. Don’t miss Love Your Donors!

Establishing Your Congregational Endowment Program

David Friesen

Your church has decided to establish a congregational endowment fund. That’s awesome! What a wonderful opportunity for members to leave a legacy to support your mission and ministry. However, an endowment program only works if there is money in the fund and members know about it. Sometimes leaders get caught up in the “Field of Dreams” mentality (If we build it, they will give). In this session we will explore how to define, create, establish, and market your congregation endowment program. Whether you are just at the beginning stages of creating your program or perhaps have something in place but nothing is happening, this session will give you some successful strategies to take back to your home church.

Ages and Stages of Faith

Linda Staats

Knowledge of child development is core to being an effective administrator and teacher. How do you seamlessly integrate faith development into the entire day of the child? How do you also support the parent as the child’s primary nurturer of the faith?  In this interactive workshop we will look at age and stage related to faith as part of the child’s wholly, holy development. 

Project Based Learning and The Project Approach

Michelle Gnan and Doris Knuth

The field of education is a rapidly changing profession. Schools and centers need to be in tune with changing philosophies and practices. Preparing children to be better equipped to meet the needs of the future can be challenging.

Concordia University Chicago’s Early Childhood Initiative works closely with Early Childhood Centers and Schools in understanding the benefits of Project Based Learning and The Project Approach.


You will become acquainted with the core concepts of both Project Based Learning and The Project Approach. We will discuss how the addition of cooperation, communication, and curiosity can increase students’ engagement in their own learning.


Come and learn how including these instructional frameworks in your programs can prepare students for the future.  


Don Gillingham

What does wining look like? If you have a goal you will know when you see it. Let’s talk about what you want to accomplish with students, parents, getting through the day, and more.

SPONSORED SESSION: Breaking Through to New Audiences: Increasing Participation Through Peer Engagement

Dan Ettinger

The days when donors would send a check simply based on their institutional loyalty are fading. Today’s donors (millennials especially) want to know that their gift is making an impact and that they are part of a community helping to move the institution forward.


Upon completion, you will be able to:

  • Think creatively about how you can empower your volunteers and cross-campus stakeholders to become advocates for your institution and help increase engagement and participation

  • More effectively use tools available to all institutions (e.g. Facebook, digital video, Apple Pay, etc.) to better reach and empower your communities online

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