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Curriculum Session 6

Saturday, February 2 - 3:15-4:15 p.m.

Will Changing Channels Drive More Action?

Shelley Cochrane and Amy Sewell

Is print communication on its way out? Are you chasing what’s new in digital but can't catch up? Do you feel pressure to build multichannel fundraising strategies with limited resources?

Cut through the clutter to discover best practices and proven results to optimize your communications in print, online, and through social media. You will leave with practical tips to improve effectiveness and boost results.

  1. Know why, when, and how to choose the best channel

  2. Understand how to build a multichannel strategy

  3. Hear case studies with practical application

  4. Identify metrics for tracking results

  5. Avoid common pitfalls

You Wanna Build What? A Building Project Primer

Joel Landskroener

At some point, the need to update or expand facilities becomes a significant strategic goal. If this is true for you, what do you do? This session will provide an overview of five key aspects of any successful capital improvement project:

  1. Knowing when to pursue a project

  2. Understanding the role of strategic planning in the process

  3. Implementing a planning team

  4. Raising the funds

  5. Completing the project

The Anatomy of a Transformational Gift

Ellen Draeger Cattadoris

What does “transformational gift” mean to your organization? Is it $25,000, $250,000, or even $25 million? While the amount is dependent on the size and scope of your ministry, the extraordinary impact these gifts can have on your mission remains the same. Transformational gifts are possible for every organization, but they require the careful cultivation of a relationship with the right donor at the right time and for the right project. This panel will feature tangible tips from ALDE members who have secured transformational gifts for their organizations. Join us to hear their stories, including the twists and turns along the way, as well as to learn new ideas for navigating each step of your cultivation process.

Help, I Fired My Board of Directors

Brian Becker

This workshop is based on a real-life situation whereby a nonprofit asked all but one of their board members to resign due to lack of vision, conflict, and resistance to change. Hear how this organization went from dysfunctional board … to no board … to strong board by using a strategic process based on appreciative inquiry. You will learn how to:

  • Proactively identify the signs of a stagnant or sinking board

  • Prepare for and conduct a conversation to “fire” a board member

  • Determine the composition and process to recruit a superb new board

  • Identify the maturity level of your board using a six-step scale

  • Implement an energizing planning process based on appreciative inquiry


This workshop will help systematize best practices to ensure your board’s continuous growth.

Blended Gifts: Accomplishing Strategic Philanthropic Goals!

Cathy R. Sheffield

More and more charitable clients today seek options in establishing meaningful gifts, both in size and effect. The idea of asking donors to make a blended gift is an emerging trend in the world of philanthropy. Combining different types of charitable gifts can be transformational to the donor in terms of achieving charitable goals and also transformational for your organization, significantly advancing your mission. During this presentation, there will be a review of several case studies to demonstrate how various types of blended giving can enhance gifting goals, while not detracting or derailing a donor’s retirement and financial plans.

Your Database is Smoking: Extinguish the Old and IGNITE the New

Matt Hewitt

Whether your database is a glorified Excel spreadsheet or a SASS, auto-scaling NoSQL solution, we rely on our databases to ignite our work. But too often the database is treated like a closet where we stuff information. Don’t let your database turn into a raging dumpster fire before you take action!


In this session we will explore the following topics:

  • Identifying the problems with your current database solution and whether these problems can be fixed

  • Determining when to find a new solution

  • Using a six-sigma approach to determine what is important in that new solution

  • Developing a comprehensive plan to roll out your new solution

What Really Works When Church and School Communities Unite in Common Mission

Chon Pugh

Join this opportunity for pastors to share what really works in their setting to involve both the church and school. There’s no reason to reinvent the wheel — a creative thing one church/school is doing could be adapted in your setting. So, let’s share what is going well and pick up some tips as to what we could do to make the shared ministry of church and school even better by giving the Holy Spirit room to flourish!

Advanced Skills in Change Management

Steven Goodwin

Let’s face it, in today’s rapidly changing world, pretty much everything you do involves some element of change management. Still, the world is spinning faster and faster requiring you to keep up. Help is on the way! In this workshop, you will walk away with advanced tools and skills to help you cope with ever increasing change. You will learn such skills as process mapping, team collaboration techniques, virtual team management, and how to anticipate and head off roadblocks. Your workshop leader will be Steven Goodwin, Ph.D., President of TurningWest, a national Organization and Leadership Development consulting firm located in Los Angeles, California. At any one time, Goodwin manages 25 large-scale change processes, forcing him to be a continual learner in the art of leading change.

What Does This Mean?

Don Gillingham

The phrase “What Does This Mean?” is very familiar to confirmands of a certain time and place. It is a great question to ask yourself today. When you have an answer, share it early and often in the relationships you have with students, parents, and faculty. If being a Lutheran or Christian school is distinctive, let people know.

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