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Curriculum Session 7 -
Mega Sessions

Sunday, February 3 - 8:00-9:15 a.m.

The broad development topics offered as Mega Sessions are opportunities to take in "mini keynotes" that will help you reach new heights through what you’ve learned at the conference.

The Ministry of Development

Andrew Robison

Development professionals sometimes get a bad rap. Fundraisers are often seen as “used car salesmen,” “wallet chasers” and “professional beggars.” The truth of the matter is that fund development, done right, is truly its own form of ministry. Building relationships with and engaging donors in the process of giving connects individuals with the ministry’s mission in a unique and holy way. This presentation will explore the Lord’s plan for successful fundraising and engage you in a discussion of how development should be approached to align with God’s teachings.

The Psychology of the Ask 

Linda B. Haley

As fundraisers, we’re aware that many factors influence a donor’s giving. But we can positively impact a donor’s perception of our organization and increase their likelihood of giving. In this session, you’ll learn to understand how a donor thinks and feels by asking powerful questions and listening actively. Plus, we’ll review what YOU bring to the table — your fears and projections, your fundraising “posture,” and other potential inhibitors to success.  You’ll also learn some simple techniques that will improve your solicitation success. Join Linda for a little free, fundraising therapy!

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